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GOLD CHERUB Large Spoon Trivet

GOLD CHERUB Large 3-D Spoon Rest / Trivet *NEW!*
GOLD CHERUB Large 3-D Spoon Rest / Trivet *NEW!* Read more...

  • Great as a gift!
  • Create a personal and elegant touch to your kitchen!
  • Useful and stylish all in one!
  • Excellent attention to detail and such vibrant colors!
  • Perfect for ANY cherub collector!

  •

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    LILY Large Spoon Fork Decor

    LILY Large 17
    LILY Large 17" Spoon & Fork Wall Decor Set NEW Read more...

  • Perfect for ANY flower collector!
  • "Larger than life" sized, excellent attention to detail and such vibrant color!
  • Add "flavor" to any wall inside or outside your home!
  • Great as a gift!
  • Create a personal and elegant touch to your kitchen!

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    Stay Soup Meal Container Heat not bad would buy again

    Stay Fit Soup/Meal Container , EZ Heat
    Stay Fit Soup/Meal Container , EZ Heat

  • Handle for ease of use
  • Microwave safe
  • 3-1/4-Cup container
  • Screw top lid with spoon
  • BPA free material

  • Made from POLYPROPYLENE I bought this product then noticed how cheap the plastic looked which concerned me so I called the manufacturer and asked if it was BPA free. While the product is BPA free it is made of polypropylene as are all of the StayFit products which has been classified of moderate health concern and according to the Environmental Working Group there is strong evidence that it is a human immune system toxicant and expected to be toxic or harmful to various organs. I would pay a little more for better material.
    Great for transporting! I was looking for something that I could transport and warm up my soup in for lunch everyday and this has definitely done a great job! The only problem I have had so far is the spoon that comes with it broke the first time I washed it. I contacted the company right away and they are sending me a replacement. Other than that it's been a great product and fulfilled all my needs.
    Works It works well for the most part. I fill it with soup and remove the top to microwave it at the office. The hidden spoon is great. However the conatiner leaks if it's jiggled too much in the lunch bag. Easy to clean and the gasket comes out for better washing. I see this spoon is red which is nicer than the white one that came with mine. My spoon has been stained from the darker tomato based soups.
    Wonderful for at the office. I keep this at my desk at work it's a breeze to use and clean and I can keep a few different cannedsoups in a desk drawer for when I want some soup with my lunch. What's great about this is that if I can't eat the whole serving at once have to go to a meeting etc I can toss the lid on to keep it warm for when I have the ability to finish the rest. I've also used this to bring cold soup from home to microwave at the office.If you put alreadyhot not just warm but HOT/steaming soup in this and put the lid on tight it won't leak at all. However as some other reviews stated the lid can become nearly impossible to loosen as the heat expands the cup portion just enough to turn this thing into Fort Knox. *However* if you have a source of hot water from a faucet running said hot water over the seam of where the lid connects will expand the lid enough to loosen it up.Overall I love this container and I've used it at least once weekly since I purchased it often more than that. The lid issue can be problematic if you are transporting hot soup but if you're like me and have a microwave at your workplace this thing is a dream. For my purposes I'd give it more than 5 stars if I could.
    Love It! I commute to my school everyday and end up eating lunch there. The meal plans are outrageously priced so I bring my own food which is also much healthier than the many fastfood options the school provides. This container makes bringing soup in the winter so easy! And it's actually kind of fun with the spoon in the lid and all. I've never had a problem with opening the container as others have mentioned Although it is usually cool by the time I'm ready to eat it so I take off the lid and microwave it for a minute it's microwave safe!. It holds more than enough soup for me and they were smart to use red plastic so it doesn't get stained from tomato sauces.
    not impossible to open Ok it was a bit tough to open but not impossible and I had made the mistake of tightening it too much. that said I find it suspicious that all the negative comments that insist you dont buy all point you to buy the thermos brand and have no other reviews for any other product. the mug is perfect. its a good size. better than a lot of thermos stuff. and doesnt leak. just dont make it too tight. you dont need to do that to keep it from leaking. I dont know about you but I prefer a soup container thats a bit tough to open but that doesnt leak.
    Great! I love it! Just what I was looking for. I went to several stores & never found the right size thermus. Or the price was nuts! This one was the perfect size & price.
    great thermos This thermos is a lot bigger than I realized from the image. The lid definitely goes on tight but it seems like common sense to loosen it before heating since you shouldn't microwave liquids in a tightly sealed container due to heat expansion. The spoon in the lid is a nice touch. I just got it recently but so far it doesn't leak is highly functional design with the handle size etc. I definitely recommend.
    Super Soup carrier
    not bad would buy again Seal pops out like it foid does nit stay hot but does warm. Nice change and easy to open.

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    ROOSTER Large Spoon Fork Decor looked better then expected, but..

    ROOSTER 2 Pc. Large 17
    ROOSTER 2 Pc. Large 17" Spoon & Fork Wall Decor Set NEW Read more...

  • Great as a gift!
  • Add "flavor" to any wall inside or outside your home!
  • "Larger than life" sized, excellent attention to detail and such vibrant color!
  • Perfect for ANY rooster collector!
  • Create a personal and elegant touch to your kitchen!

  • looked better then expected but.. looked better then expected very happy with the way they look hangingone on each side of my microwave.but the only bad thing i can say was it cost me more to have this shipped to me then it cost to buy them.

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    Thunder Group Aluminum 4 Piece Measuring NOT Dishwasher Safe

    Thunder Group Aluminum 4-Piece Measuring Spoon Set
    Thunder Group Aluminum 4-Piece Measuring Spoon Set

  • Metal ring connects spoons and keeps them together
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sturdy aluminum measuring spoons handle all your baking needs
  • 4-piece measuring spoon set includes ¼, ½, 1 teaspoon plus 1 tablespoon
  • Large embossed measurements on handles are easy to read

  • Good old fashoned measuring spoons Pleasantly surprised at the thickness of the metal.These feel more like cast Aluminum than stamped tin.I don't need my glasses to read the large deeply embossed measurements on the handles. I expect them to far outlast me.
    Really Nice Thick Metal
    Feels Cheap I'm not sure about the other reviewer who described these as being made of thick metal but I found them to be very thin and cheapfeeling. I suppose you get what you pay for with these but I was not at all impressed with the weight of the set.
    NOT Dishwasher Safe When I opened the package the spoons left small silver flakes on my fingers. Even after washing them by hand they still had this residue. After being washed in the dishwasher they turned black and left a black powdery residue on my fingers. They are definitely NOT dishwasher safe. I returned them.
    turned black after being in the dishwasher Maybe I'm not familiar with Aluminum but these turned black and crusty after the first time in the dishwasher. I bought them because they were under $3 and who couldn't use an extra set? When they arrived I contemplated adding them to a gift I was putting together for a baker cookbook apron etc. So glad I decided to keep them for myself I would have been so embarrassed.
    Unusable once washed in the dishwasher There were no instructions with the measuring spoons and since they are supposed to be stainless steel they should be dishwasher safe right? Wrong! After the initial wash they turned to a dull mottled gray color. I washed them a second time without using them. They looked just as bad after that plus the whatever coating was on them wiped off on my fingers as if I had vigorously scoured them.